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5 tablets with the fastest processors

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Apple iPad Fourth Generation

Desktops, which provides them with blaze fast speed and utility. Pretty much every tablet which is coming out these days features dual or quad core processor, which is past the 1GHz mark. With so many contenders in the race, it is indeed quite a task to determine the fastest processors. The 2 main factors used to determine a processor’s speed is: clock rate and the number of core. The lists of fastest processors include the following names. the latest version of the new iPad looks similar to its predecessor which was relatively short lived. For a normal person, the only difference would appear to be a new Lightening connector. However, the basic difference lies in the new upgraded A6X processor which shoots the performance of the tablet to the top of the charts. This processor makes it two times faster than the earlier iPad third generation.
29th November, 2012 | 30428 views

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