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Ways to Charge your cell phone battery without a charger

Solar energy is one of the options to charge a mobile with using a charger. The mobile phones which can be charged using solar energy have small configuration and they can be fitted very easily in the pockets. On top of it, they are relatively cheap as compared to the other types of mobile phones. These mobile phones are referred as the great option for portable charging as well. In other words, if one is going out somewhere and forgot to charge up the mobile phone then one can do so even when he/she is traveling by using the solar energy. Although, there are so many smart phones available in the market which have been developed by making use of latest technology but even then these phones which can be charged using solar energy have got their own place and it is very hard for any brands of phones to supersede its place.

Many a times it is heard that charging a mobile phone during an excessive electric voltage can lead to mobile phone batteries to burst which in returns is very dangerous, it could happen even when one is taking a call while the mobile is on charging. But, this won’t happen with the phones which can be charged with solar energy. The use of solar energy is one of the ways which can be used for charging the mobile phone without the use of any charger.

The other way of charging the battery of a mobile phone without using the charger is to use the USB cables. Generally, the modern day phones do have the USB port which is used for transferring the data from mobile to the PC. But, at the same time it can be used for the charging a mobile phone as well. Thus, these cables can be used to serve the dual purpose i.e. charging as well as transferring the phone data to computer system. The other way of charging a mobile phone of any brand without using the charger is to make use of Laptop Battery. To do this, one needs the USB cord which will make it possible to sync the mobile phone with the PC or a Laptop.  While charging the mobile phone using a laptop, it is advisable to switch off the mobile phone first and follow the rules highlighted on the PC and on mobile phone. Once, it is connected properly then the charging of the battery will be started and it will continue until and unless it is disconnected.

The other and perhaps the most unknown method of charging the mobile phone is through secret codes. There are many brands of mobile phones like Nokia, Apple and even BlackBerry which have got some secret coeds which can be used for charging the phones. These codes are usually unknown by the user, however, if you want to know more about these codes then visit the official website of these brands.

13th June, 2012 | 21532 views

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